Common Questions About TV & Internet Bundles

tv internet bundleDespite the fact that companies have been offering TV and Internet bundles for several years know there are still people out there that have more questions than they do answers about bundling TV and Internet services.

Question #1: What is a TV & Internet Bundle?

Answer #1: This is perhaps the single most important question!  The short answer is that a TV & Internet bundle is a combination of digital cable and Internet plans from the same provider.  In some cases these are delivered via partnerships such as Centurylink’s partnership with DirectTV, or both by the same company such as Verizon’s FiOS or AT&T’s U-Verse.  The latter case is a great example of how modern technologies are fusing and blurring the line between formerly distinct types of services.

The long and the short here is that you will be using one bill to pay for both television/digital cable and Internet access/data plans.  The result is generally great savings and a simplified billing process!

Question #2: Can I Really Save Money By Bundling?

Answer #2: Yes!  Bundling saves a great deal of money, especially over a long period of time.  The best way to look at the savings in a meaningful way is to consider them on an annual basis.  That is to say that if you save $18 a month by bundling, you would probably better off looking at that as a total savings of $216 annually.  The result is usually more substantial, and a better way to see the real value of a TV & Internet bundle.

Why not look at it on a multi-year basis?  Well, you can do that if you like but what else do you look at in such a way?  A car loan or mortgage perhaps?  The point is that there really are not many comparable services that you would look at on anything but a monthly or annual basis.

Question #3: How Much Money Can I Save With a TV & Internet Bundle?

Answer #3: It really depends on the carriers in your area.  Bigger markets generally see greater levels of competition, but all areas have benefited from cable companies crossing over and offering broadband and telecoms fighting back with digital cable and satellite partnerships.  As wireless 4G and beyond joins the fray, the competition will only intensify.  As a general rule, you can save more if you bundle more!  Also, look at the savings on an annual basis for the best and most accurate mindset.

Question #4: Who Sells TV & Internet Bundles?

Answer #4: At this time the market is really widening out.  We’re seeing satellite TV companies partner with broadband specialists, broadband specialists develop their own digital cable technologies, cable companies throwing their bandwidth around by offering massive data plans, and even wireless carriers are starting to get into the action!  Needless to say, it seems like everyone is getting in on this, and there’s a good reason: the struggle for the digital home is huge.

The future will almost certainly belong to homes that have broadband, wireless, security, home management, power grid, and entertainment all fused together somehow.  Different providers are already showing off early examples of how these technologies will interconnect, and the results are already impressive!

Question #5: Where Can I Get a Good Deal?

Answer #5: This is a very good question, but it is a very open-ended one!  There are plenty of places to save money on TV & Internet bundles, but between the two of us the best deals are probably found on the Internet.  The Internet is home to promo codes and discounts that act much like coupons, but there are also online deals to take advantage of.  Check your HR office, local print, and even television advertisements to learn about the best deals possible.

Question #6: What Else Can I Bundle?

Answer #6: This is a question that has no real answer set in stone.  At the minimum you want to bundle digital cable and broadband services, but this is just the start.  Some companies are already bundling far more than this, including home security, landlines that use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and even wireless (Cellular) services!  The sky is the limit and these offerings are growing and changing each and every day!